Community Partnership Medical Scholars (CPMS)

"...problems which are not amenable to the most expert medical approaches may be resolved in community by the very people who suffer from them and therefore understand them." - Rachel Naomi Remen, Kitchen Table Wisdom


The Community Partnership Medical Scholars program (CPMS) provides grants to qualified medical students to pursue scholarly research related to medical science, health services delivery, and community health in partnership with community-based organizations. Research proposals should respond to a community-based organization's information needs and identify significant policy and/or practice issues for investigation. Successful projects will be a collaborative form of community service. As such, scholars are expected to work with and utilize the expertise of their community partners. Projects must be designed to have a specific and measurable impact on community health policy and/or practice. As scholarship, the research must also meet rigorous methodological standards and advance knowledge.

" ...There is no greater power than the right to define the question. From that right flows a set of necessary answers. If the servicer can effectively assert the right to define the appropriate question, he has power to determine the need of his neighbour rather than meeting his neighbour's need..." -

John McKnight
Director of Community Studies, The Center for Urban Affairs and Policy Research, Northwestern University.


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